Monday, November 17, 2008

Nylon Headbands for Childrens Bows and Flowers

Making Nylon Headbands are super easy! You can use childrens tights or knee high nylons. They are a must have accessory for a new baby girl. Glue your bow on top of the headband or change the bow everyday with the ribbon method at the end. If the headband stretches out, soak it in water and let it air dry. It will shrink back up.
Have fun!

To begin, Cut off the top leg band.

Cut off the toe stitching, they will be approximately 12" long.
Tuck the two ends together.
One inside the other. Overlap 1/2" to 1"
Sew a running stitch through the layers of Nylon. Sew with a needle and upholstery thread with a knot about two inches from the end of the thread.

Pull the needle to tighten the stitch
Wrap around the nylon and tie a knot with the tail from the other end of the thread.
Optional: Repeat all steps 1/4" away from the other thread.
Now that it is sewn up, you can add a 3/8 or 5/8 ribbon loop over the stitches. When gluing the ribbon loop, make sure you don't get glue under the ribbon on the top. Your flower or hair clips should be able to slide under the ribbon to make an interchangeable headband. :)

Video courtesy of Bows by Jessa